“Ladies, The Truth Hurts, Better Wake Up” — (A Must Read)

Read below what was sent in a Facebook user, Bright Mwika

So…. your man tells you he is not planning on having kids or getting married anytime soon as he is still sorting out his life… he tells u he wants to have his second degree, a proper house and a bigger car first…. u sit there smiling with just a birth certificate thinking you’ll be the wife?

With the little he has, u ask for Brazilian hair and timberland… he goes to work and goes straight to class after work…he leaves u in pajamas n finds u in the same pajamas.. while he studies u watch Telamundo, Empire and Nigerian movies . He comes back home to find chips and chicken in the microwave everyday… the house is clean and his clothes ironed… the only serious conversation y’all have is about the type of groceries you guys need. The only real skill you have is taking selfies and updating your instagram. The only advice u give him is “babe you need to buy new socks, the ones u bought last time are torn” nothing intelligent comes out of ur mouth..no plans of making ur own life better…yes u are pretty…no doubt about that!….so is every second girl passing by. Do u realize something… u not doing anything a maid cant do…. hes gonna finish school and the first thing hes gonna do is REPLACE HIS MAID cause he can now afford to pay one and have a PROPER WIFE/GF. That’s when we gonn hear your famous last words “i was with him thru thick and thin when he had nothing, now that he is successful he thinks i am nothing” Yes ur ryt..uv always been NOTHING but a maid to him. . . Empower urself to be the woman ur man wants to be with…a woman who wud be able to carry the whole family if anything happens to his job or his health!!!