Which Country Has The Most Powerful Military In Africa? See Full List

Egypt has the most powerful military in Africa, followed by Algeria, Ethiopia, Nigeria and South Africa according to an index that has just been released by the Global Firepower (GFP) that measures a government’s military strength,
Below is the full list: 1. Egypt 2. Algeria 3. Ethiopia 4. Nigeria 5. South Africa 6. Angola 7.Morocco 8.Sudan 9.Libya 10.Democratic Republic of the Congo 11.Kenya 12.Tunisia 13.Zimbabwe 14.Zambia 15.Chad 16.Uganda 17.Tanzania 18.South Sudan 19.Ghana 20.Cameroon 2 1.Mozambique 22.Niger 23.Ivory Coast 24.Mali 25.Madagascar 26.Gabon 27.Republic of the Congo 28.Namibia 29.Somalia

30.Central African Republic