The Emotional Moment Orlando Shooting Survivor Reunites With Police Officer Who Saved Him. Photos

This is the emotional moment a survivor of the Orlando nightclub massacre was reunited with the police officer who saved him. Angel Colon, 26, was shot three times in the leg and his bones shattered as desperate club-goers trampled him in a bid to get out of the club.
Then, he was shot twice more, in the hand and hip, as the gunman fired repeatedly at the wounded ‘to make sure they’re dead.’ Hours later, as he was dragged to safety by a police officer, he was cut by the shards of broken glass on the floor. That officer, Omar Delgado, with the Eatonville Police Department, visited Colon in hospital on Thursday. The pair shared an emotional hug as Delgado told him: ‘I’m so glad you’re alive.’ It was the first time the pair had seen each since the night of the shooting, which left 49 people dead at the hands of a lone gunman.