Why Are Some People Like This? Watch Borrow Pose Comedy Skit By ODE Filmworks

This is very hilarious. Some people can form for the whole African race. Watch the funny video below and see for yourself….

As culled from rhapsody of the 21st century where exhibition of riches, fame, class and style is the trendy culture. Some “havenots” in our society now uphold a deceptive personality just to be reckoned with.
 From d stables of ODE FILMWORKS, an EMEKA DARLINGTON’S CONCEPT comes “BORROW POSE”, a classical comedy piece that will leave your ribs cracking in a way it applies to us all, featuring topnotch actors like Odera Olivia Orji, Emeka Darlington, Gregory Ojefua, Dubem Okafor… as directed by OGHENEABK Momodu..

Watch Video Below;