Foreign students Will Be Forced To Leave The UK After Their Course Ends

Foreign students attending Further Education colleges are to be banned from working in Britain under a fresh crackdown on immigration ordered by Home Secretary Theresa May.
Under the new rules, non-EU college students will be denied the right to work while in the UK and will not be able to apply for a visa extension when their course finishes. Students will have to leave the country before applying to return under a work visa. Official figures show that 121,000 non-EU students entered the UK in the 12 months to June last year, but only 51,000 left – a net influx of 70,000. The government estimates that the number of foreign students coming to the UK will rise by more than 6 per cent a year up to 2020. The length of stay is also expected to be cut to two years when the plans are unveiled this week. Immigration Minister James Brokenshire said it was ‘part of our plan to control immigration for the benefit of Britain’.

Taxpayers who pay for colleges expect them to be providing top-class education, not a back door to a British work visa