Professor Sent Off A Plane After Being Flagged A Terrorist While Solving Maths Equation

An Italian economist sitting on an American Airlines flight was flagged by a passenger to the crew as being a possible Middle Eastern terrorist scrawling threatening notes.
It turned out that Guido Menzio, a 40-year-old professor at the University of Pennsylvania, wasn’t writing secret messages. He was solving a differential equation.  Menzio’s flight from Philadelphia to Syracuse on Thursday night was delayed by more than two hours after the woman sitting next to him told the crew she was worried about her seatmate.

Being escorted off the plane and informed by an official that his seatmate had suspected he was a terrorist, Menzio showed officials what he had been working on, an equation regarding menu costs and price dispersion. The professor was soon allowed to return to his seat, and said the pilot seemed embarrassed by the whole thing.