Unbelievable! Idaho Couple Welcomes First Baby Girl In Family After 101 Years. Photos

After 101 years of having all boys in the family, for four generations, the Underdahl welcomed their baby girl Aurelia.In a very rare phenomenon, a baby girl is born after 101 years of male dominance in the Underdahl’s family. On April 12, the Idaho couple welcomed eight pounds and three ounces baby Aurelia after a century of a male streak.
It was in 1914 when the first baby girl, great aunt Bernice, was born. After which, four generations of seven boys dominated the Underdahl’s family.
However, on April 12 at 5:48 p.m. the four generations of all boys were broken. Scott and Ashton Underdahl welcomed baby Aurelia Marie Ann, the second girl to be born in the Underdahl family.