Tears As Doctor Who Lost His Leg In An Accident Gets Relief From Synagogue Church. Pics

This is a press release by the The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations – SCOAN… Dr Sunday Simon and family were not doing too badly. As a qualified Medical Doctor with a specialist diploma in orthopaedic technology and prosthetics, even though Dr Sunday was retrenched from his job in an NGO, he was at least able to make a decent living for himself. With six children and two grandchildren, the task of fending for his family was a huge one. He had the skills and expertise to both produce and fit artificial limbs for amputees and that became his profession. He moved round and soon gathered a number of clients who were prepared to pay him modestly for the artificial limbs. This was just about enough to cater for his growing family. Dr Sunday would have never believed that his only means of livelihood would be wickedly cut short in one fell swoop. He was on his way to Jos one day when his car landed him in a horrific accident. Dr Sunday woke up hours later on a hospital bed. “I can’t feel my leg” was among his first words. They were met with a grim rejoinder, “Your leg has been removed… but you should thank God…. we saved your life.” In an attempt to sit up, Dr Sunday looked and the ironic reality dawned. His leg had been amputated. He was now in the same position as his clients and patients he had treated all these years. His condition was bad and Dr Sunday had to remain in hospital for 21 days. At the end of it, the doctor in charge who he knew, decided to release him without collecting any payment. Life without a leg was a sad and sorry tale for Dr Sunday. He could hardly do anything for himself, let alone continue his trade. The production of artificial limbs required mobility. He found himself suddenly at the mercy of his debtors as undelivered orders began to pile up. Before the accident, he had collected money from a number of clients but had not yet delivered the items to them. One such client who lost patience, came one day with a police man who ordered his arrest. With crutches and a heavy heart, Dr Sunday was locked up in jail that night. Released on bail, he was given a time limit to pay his debt. To make matters worse, his landlord had equally lost patience and decided to chuck his family and property out of the house. His kids had stopped school and his wife had started going out every day looking for business, lucky to bring anything back. Hunger was far from at bay for the Simon family. Dr Sunday decided to go to Lagos and join the beggars on the streets. After all, he was not known in Lagos; and he figured out that without a leg, it would be difficult to get a job. He found himself sitting by the roadside every day, dependent on the small change of passersby. The little he collected per day was barely enough to pay for his nightly lodging. The suffering continued as various groups would also come and terrorize them as they stayed by the streets. One day, a Good Samaritan came along and asked Dr Sunday why he was sitting among the beggars, recognizing that he somehow looked different to his counterparts. As she was talking to him, she was recording his plight on camera. She told him about The SCOAN and Prophet T.B. Joshua. Dr Sunday decided to visit The SCOAN and by grace, he was able to present his case with his entire family live in the service. T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners responded promptly on hearing Dr Sunday’s plea. The family were presented with 500,000 Naira, the children were enrolled in The SCOAN Scholarship Programme and the ministry pledged to provide the family with comfortable accommodation. Dr Sunday spoke amidst choking tears, “When joy is too much, you will be confused.” His wife added, “My happiness is too much. I don’t know what to say”.