Benefits of LED TV

                                                             SPONSORED POST The most important parameters of any TV screen are the brightness and contrast. These characteristics determine how volume and clear will be the image on the screen, and therefore, how enjoyable the watching of this TV will be. LED TV, using LED backlight, is the last word in television technology and is currently the most prominent representative of the market of LCD models.Thus these devices are also higher in contrast. Interesting eco-features LED TV consumes 40% less power compared to LCD. They are environmentally safe, since the backlight bulbs do not contain mercury. Therefore, such a device can be installed even in the children’s room, if necessary, in conjunction with high levels of brightness and contrast, this model will be the most safe for the user’s’ health! Viewing will be comfortable even in bright sunlight. Moreover, LED devices are thinner and lighter than their predecessors.

Backlight Type

Side white light models with rear-mounted LED screen are illuminated in red, blue or green, depending on the predominant color in the image on the screen.

Different price range

Currently, you can buy a LED TV at a price affordable for most Jiji users. Different manufacturers have different form pricing policy. Even lesser-known brands can offer enough quality product at a fairly low price. On sale there are simple and affordable televisions with side illumination. Products with backlight are more expensive, but provide a high level of color and contrast.

The variety of sizes and additional features

Depending on the size of your room, on Jiji you can buy LED TV with screen sizes that you need, you can check it here: The narrow LED-TV is not only stuff for entertainment, but also a luxury component of the interior design, thanks to scientific and technological solutions.

Video and photography enthusiasts will be intrigued by playback support from digital media files: through a connector for memory cards rather big screen displays photos and video from digital cameras and camcorders via the USB port to play music and video files from different digital devices (MP3, MPEG4, DivX). The most advanced models of cameras are connected directly to the TV via HDMI transmitting high definition signals. You can buy LED TV with the most popular functions: Wi-Fi-connection technology allows to access the Internet for software updates, content browsing; built-in DVD-player – play your favorite films and music from a DVD-ROM drive; integrated TV-tuner improves signal quality when watching channels without connection; antennas; 3D – allows you to view in 3D-format programs and movies, providing immersion in what is happening on the screen and giving a sense of the effect of full presence. The ability to install different LED TVs All models require a setting on a pedestal and mount on the wall on special brackets, have wide viewing angles, so you can comfortably view the TV from any point of your room.