India's Magnet Man Who Can Hold Iron Irons On His Body Gains Popularity. Photos

India’s magnet man has graduated from attracting spoons and nails to irons weighing more than 10kg. Earlier this year, Arun Raikar, from Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh in India discovered he could attract spoons and nails to his skin with what he believes are ‘special waves’.

Now he’s shown how much more he can handle, by walking with two irons on his chest, both weighing more than five kilos. Authorities at the Limca Book of Records, the Indian version of Guiness Book of World Record, have asked Raikar to submit video footage of the event to consider his case. His attraction is so much among spoons, nails and small iron articles that whenever he passes by they cling onto his body. Mr Raikar holds the ‘magnetic powers’ in particular sections of his body, including his chest, stomach and back. He claims he discovered his magnetic properties when children were playing around and one of them flung a spoon that clung onto the electrician’s back. The family says no doctor has been able to give him an answer on why this happens to him.