Iranian Men Wear Hijabs To Protest Against Compulsory Veil For Women.. Photos

Men in Iran have been posting pictures of themselves donning the hijab on social media to protest compulsory hijab. The harsh tag #MenInHijab was coined by an Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad calling on male compatriots to share their photos in support.
Alinejad was exiled today in New York in 2014, called on his more than a million followers on Facebook to support the movement, and they have responded in many numbers. The journalist was protesting the statement by head of Iranian diplomacy, Mohammed Javad Zarif, who told a French senator that when tourists are visiting Iran must have compulsory veil according to Jeune Afrique. Alinejad started has a movement ‘ My stealthy freedom’ which calls for the right for individual Iranian women to choose whether they want hijab. Here are some of the posts with men wearing hijabs