“My Tribute To My Late Twin Brother” — Kebbi Lawmaker Mourns His Other Half. Photos

Member of the National House of Assembly representing Arewa & Dandi Federal Constituency in Kebbi state -lost his twin brother on this day exactly two years since… And in a mourning mood, the federal lawmaker has written a tribute to his other half….Read below;

When the cold hands of death snatched you, Hassan Kangiwa, from we your families on the evening of Sunday 10th August 2014, it was like the fall of an Iroko tree. First, there was confusion, then denial, reflection and finally acceptance.

I accepted when I remembered what the Qur’an says: “Every soul shall taste death.” It is easy to think of others having to keep this appointment with death, but difficult for us to remember that we too must keep same appointment.

Death is appointed for all and the question of its occurrence is merely a matter of time. As I was thinking about writing this, I thought. How can I say a few words that do justice to all of the years of love and strength that he gave everyone whose lives he touched? I hope that the real tribute to Hassan Kangiwa will be the actions of our lives, that we are a testament to the love and lessons that he instilled in everyone.

Late Kangiwa was important to many, and more, So to his family.

With 59 years under his belt, his mind was still as sharp as a razor, even if his body was budging. That’s one way I can describe him.

His joy was chiefly in seeing his children settled down with their own families. He was also an extremely refined and educated gentleman who earned the respect of people around him. His influence, advice and friendship were sought by many.

So what is the secret of late Kangiwa when it comes to dealing with other people? It’s been said by others that he could talk to someone and be able to read that person like a book from cover-to-cover almost immediately. And they’re right. I’ve seen the charismatic effect he has on each person he comes in contact with. And he treated everyone the same way – whether that person was ‘important’ or not. He gave each person his unwavering attention, without saying much, unless the other person asks advice.

How can anyone not be disarmed by someone like that? And what else is so unique about Hassan Kangiwa is the way he lived his life, along with me as his twin brother, plain and simple. I have very fond memories of him.

The last time i sow him was five hours before his death and last time i spoke to him was just 5minitues to his death. His mind is sharp and his heart full of love for all.

Hassan was a communicator and he handed out advice in ways that made sure it stayed with the recipients at all times, in language and phrases that make it easy for everyone to recall. An exceptional Immigrations officer, he was hardworking and vibrant. I could go on, but I’d require endless space. I can quite easily write a book on the late, great man as he was one of a kind.

Late Hassan was anxious to share his faith and his home. He was a caring, generous, and loving person and being his twin brother has been an honour.

I pray Allah to continue giving us the fortitude to accept things we cannot change and wisdom to change the ones they can, and knowledge to know the difference. We love him, but God loves him best.

Rest in perfect peace until we meet to part no more again. Allah ya jikansa da rahma.