Olympic Athlete Collapses After Pooing On Himself During 50km Walk Race. Photos

A French athlete collapsed during the 50km walk after suffering from stomach trouble – only to get back to his feet and finish the race. Yohann Diniz, the world record holder in the event, was leading the field in the 45th minute when a camera picked up on him beginning to struggle.

A dark liquid starting trickling down the back of Diniz’s legs after he apparently defecated during the race. An hour or so later he collapsed to the floor, lying there motionless for a few seconds before dragging himself to his feet and soldiering on. It had been reported by French publication L’Équipe that race favourite Diniz had been suffering from a bad stomach in the lead up to the event. Shortly afterwards, and with more than a minute’s lead, the athlete collapsed by the roadside, allowing others to pass. In a moment of solidarity, the man going in to the lead, Canada’s Evan Dunfee, picked up the fallen athlete back to his feet as they continued with the race. Despite the Frenchman’s best efforts, he finished outside the medal positions, eventually finishing in eighth place.