“What I Did To A Married Man Who Made Sexual Advances At Me” — Abuja Girl Reveals. Photo

A lady who works at a mall in Abuja has revealed how she shut down a married man who made sexual passes at her after collecting her number while on duty. According to her, the man promised to make her life better only if she agrees. She politely declined and took her leave.

Read what was shared by the Humans of Abuja.

One day a gentle man whom from all indication is a married man came to my stand to patronize me. After asking for the prizes of some of our products he left promising to come back and pick up some of the selected items.

 The next day he came requesting for my contact that he will call me when he is ready to pick up the items and also direct some people that will like to buy. I gave him my cell number without any ill feelings, unknown to me he has other motives for collecting my number. Two days later he called me and requested that we meet in an eatery that he has somethings to tell me, with a clear mind I went to meet him in popular eatery in Wuse 2.

 To my greatest surprise the shameless married man started making sexual advances towards me with promises of making life better for me. I just smiled,took a sip from the bottle of coke he bought for me, excused myself and left for my house. In my stand I get to meet different people everyday knowing their motives towards me has being the biggest challenge. Some come and act like God sent while some come with less noise more action.