Woman Gives Birth After 17-Month Pregnancy, Breaks Known Medical Records.. Photo

An average pregnancy lasts for nine to 10 months but Wang Shi’s pregnancy lasted for 17 months. And even after all those months, doctors said her placenta was still immature.

The medical mystery intrigued Wang and her husband, Kang Zhiwei, who live in Tianping, Hunan Province. So the concerned couple went for a check-up almost every week, and during her pregnancy Wang made 30 trips to the hospital, which cost them over 10,000 yuan. During the 14th month, the doctor said her placenta was at level-II, which meant a caesarean birth was not safe for the young life. When Kang inquired, he was told that a US woman was pregnant for just over 12 months. But Wang now holds the record for being pregnant for the longest period. During her pregnancy, doctors said Wang was healthy – she weighed 52.5kg before she conceived and 78kg while pregnant. Wang finally delivered the baby on the 18th month. She gave birth to a healthy newborn weighing 3.8kg.

“Thanks to advanced medication, we’re not that worried,” the newborn’s grandmother said. “I’m not expecting my grandson to speak as soon as he was born [after all these months],” she joked.