Woman Outrages Her Neighbours By Sunbathing Unclad On Her Window.

A young woman has outraged her neighbours by sunbathing virtually unclad on the window ledge of her first floor flat. Residents claim the unnamed woman is regularly seen soaking up the rays in just a thong on her window in south-central Russia’s city of Novosibirsk.
The appalled neighbours say she has been seen sunbathing on her mat – which she has placed as far out of her window as she can without falling – almost every day since the start of summer. The unnamed woman told journalists after a snap of her went viral that she sunbathes that way every summer and that she was not bothering anyone. She added: “People never really see me topless as I always cover my breasts when I turn over.”

People living in the block of flats opposite – which is in an inner courtyard – and passers-by have all been treated to the regular sight of her legs and butt*cks.