Woman Tries To Kill Herself By Jumping Off A Bridge After Quarrel With Husband. Video

A woman who attempted suicide by jumping off a bridge in Leshan city, in China , was rescued by a young policemen who leapt after her rescue and her husband who had also dived to her aid.
The incident, which happened on Thursday, was caused by a quarrel between the woman and her spouse, which led the wife to cross a busy road, stopping cars as she hastily made her way to the edge of the bridge, and eventually jump down. Her husband was seen following her, jumping off the 10-meter-high bridge. A 24-year-old traffic police officer reacted instinctively taking a dive with a ring buoy and saving the woman’s life. Another three policemen joined the rescue operation to bring the husband out of the gushing water. Take a look at the dramatic scene.

Watch video below