Billionaire Founder Of Peace Mass Transit Spotted Eating In A Road Side Buka. Photos

Billionaire businessman and founder Of the popular Peace Mass Transit, Dr. Samuel Maduka Onyishi (MON), did the unusual when attending a meeting at the Abia Transport Ministry in Umahia last week. The transport mogul took to his official Facebook page to share his experience eating his lunch from a road side Buka…

Below is what he wrote:

I went for a 1pm meeting at the Abia transport ministry, umuahia state secretariat . The Commissioner was already seated, but I needed to get ready for a long meeting, so I decided to take my launch before entering the venue. I saw some restaurants beside the office complex but I chose the roasted yam and plantain joint. I was surprised to hear “#100 for a plate”. I enjoyed the roasted plantain, garnished with utazi vegetable and palm oil with a little salt. I was happy to know that those who seek can still find good food for #100 Naira a plate. Nutritious and affordable . I was with a senior staff of my company who refused to eat. I didn’t know if he was shy because of how local the place looked, or if he was not hungry, but I thank God for providing for the rich and the poor equally.

Seek and you will find. knock and it shall be opened unto you. I felt like my original self once again. God be praised.