Colombia Plane Crash; Survivor Breaks Down As He Reveals What Saved His Life. Photos

Chapecoense defender Alan Ruschel, who survived last month’s catastrophic plane crash, broke down in tears as he revealed how a last-minute seat swap before the flight took off saved his life. Ruschel was sitting near the back of the plane when club director Cadu Gaucho asked him to move on the journey to play in the Copa Sudamericana final.

In a heartbreaking interview, the 27-year-old spoke to the press for the first time on Saturday, bursting into tears as he recalled the tragic plane crash in Colombia on November 28.

‘Cadu Gaucho asked me to sit further forward and let the journalists sit together at the back,’ Ruschel said at the news conference. ‘I didn’t want to but then I saw (Jackson) Follman and he insisted that I sit beside him,’ he added. ‘Only God can explain why I survived the accident. He grabbed me and gave me a second chance.’

Ruschel was one of only six survivors on the plane, which crashed into the mountains near Medellin. The disaster killed 71 people, including almost all the Chapecoense team, directors and staff.