‘Drunk’ P*rn Star Arrested For Smashing Car Into A Fence After Family Row. Photos

A p*rn star who appeared on the X Factor has been charged with drink driving after crashing her car into a pub fence. Michelle Thorne, 41, was breathalysed and found to be over the drink drive limit after reversing into the Willy Wicket pub in Downend, South Gloucestershire.
She allegedly had to spend the night in the cells to calm down following the incident on December 19. The mother-of-two, who has 32EE br*asts and appeared on X Factor in 2005, had apparently got into a drunken argument with a relative. She then got into her white Peugeot people carrier and damaged the fence before police arrived and arrested her. A source told The Sun: ‘She got into a fight and then got into her car and reversed into the fence. ‘She then sped off out of the car park and drove round the roundabout and came back before she started arguing again. ‘Her dad took her car keys off her then the police arrived and arrested her.’