Footballer Samir Nasri Claims His Twitter Account Was Hacked After Allegedly Having Sex With Doctor..

Samir Nasri confirmed his Twitter profile was hacked after a series of bizarre tweets were posted to his account on Tuesday night. The Manchester City ace, who is currently on loan at Spanish side Sevilla, was accused of cheating on then-girlfriend Anara Atanes after he was tagged in a post by a service he’d used called Drip Doctors.

The pair were together for two years until February of last year when they split, but appear to have reunited recently – only for Tuesday night’s events to put their future in serious doubt once more. The medical firm initially posted a picture of the 29-year-old with the message: ‘We provided @SamNasri19 a concierge Immunity IV Drip to keep him hydrated & in top health during his busy soccer season.’ The hacked posts then started appearing on Nasri’s account in response, which read: ‘U also provided me a full sexual service too right after. So guys make sure you get this service. This w**** came and f**** the same night.’ They continued unbelievably: ‘Sorry guys I just had to let the world know that my girlfriend anara who was with me at the time had booked this girl to give me an iv drip. ‘On arrival anara had left the room and this girl asked for my number and to go out with me that night. She then continued to give me a full service in my hotel room so doubling up her services. ‘Just giving you boys a heads up on this service from @DripDoctors.’
The tweets began to disappear as Nasri or his media team deleted him from his account, but more appeared. They began: ‘Everything i said was 100 percents facts. The girl in the picture jamilah. Came to my room at 3am and continued other services that don’t come on their menu.’
‘Unfortunately my twitter keeps deleting tweets. But just letting you boys know if you are in the la area and feeling lonely msg @DripDoctors.’ Nasri then denied the accusations: ‘Someone hacked my account and tried to spread rumors which is fake i am sorty for all the ppl involved in that i apologies.’ A further tweet then explained the account had been hacked: ‘My account got hacked sorry about what happen earlier,’ the post said. Drip Doctors have also denied the accusations on Twitter,..