Historical Photos Of Black Man Who Was Lynched Over Allegations Of Assaulting A White Girl

This man’s name is Frank Embree and the image is from his lynching on July 22, 1899. He was falsely accused of a crime, handcuffed and stripped nude and whipped before a white mob. He was then lynched and castrated, and these photographs became postcards shared by mail around the United States.

Frank Embree, in Fayette, Missouri was accused of assaulting a white girl named Miss Willie Dougherty. A mob of over a thousand people captured him, and he was taken to the scene of the crime, where he was asked to make a statement.

His persistent refusal to admit his involvement angered the mob, and he was stripped of his clothing, and half-a-dozen, well muscled men whipped him over and over using buggy whips. Each lash opened the skin, and the BLOOD TRICKLED DOWN.