NYSC Medical Doctors Change Minds On Re-deployment After Visiting Maiduguri. PICS

Medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other health professionals posted to Borno State for their one year service under the National Youths Service Corps, have dropped their initial idea ‎of applying for re-deployment to another State.
 Their decisions followed their visit to Maiduguri on Thursday based on request by Governor Kashim Shettima when he met them at their orientation camp in Bauchi earlier in the week. Before Governor Shettima’s visit, majority of the 1,387 corps members posted to Borno State by the NYSC had applied for re-deployment to other States due to fears of safety. However, after Governor Shettima visited and interacted with the corps members, majority changed their minds. Governor Shettima had met with about 50 medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other health professionals amongst the corps members during which he directed the State’s Commissioner for Higher Education, Usman Jaha to wait behind in Bauchi and organize some of the medical doctors to visit Maiduguri, assess their safety, look at their proposed accommodation to inform their decisions on whether to serve in Borno or go ahead with their planned re-deployment. In compliance, the State Commissioner for Higher Education, drove with 11 representatives of corps members from Bauchi to Maiduguri after which the corps members met Governor Kashim Shettima at the Government House. Determined to ensure the corps members contribute to healthcare delivery in Borno State, Governor Kashim Shettima said his administration will ensure maximum comfort for the visiting corps members and their undecided colleagues so that they forever cherish their service year in Borno State.