Oh No! Pig Gives Birth To Mutant Offspring That Looks Like A Monkey (Viewers Discretion)

A pig has given birth to a terrifying looking offspring that’s described as having the face of a monkey. The rather strange-looking animal was born in a litter of 15 piglets in Guizhou Province, China, on December 3. But unlike its siblings, the creature cannot feed on its own so its owner is forced to bottle feed it.

The animal is described as having two holes as the nose and an overbite that leaves its long tongue protruding from its mouth. Its two eyes, of different sizes, also stick out from its head. Due to the shape of its mouth, the animal cannot suckle like the other piglets in the litter. The owner, a vegetable farmer, has been feeding the creature milk each day, People’s Daily reported. It is unclear what the piglet will grow up to look like or whether it will survive for long but its appearance has stirred hot debate in China.