OMG! Man Lies Down On A Rope 1,316ft Feet Above World's Highest Freefalling Waterfall. PICS

Professional slackliner Lukas Irmler lays down on a rope with a 1,316ft drop below to the Hunlen Falls in Tweedsmuir South Provincial Park Canada, British Columbia, the world’s highest freefalling waterfall. The German has been travelling the globe slacklining since 2006 and holds two Guinness World Record titles for his daredevil stunts.

Lukas said: “This place was a new experience in many ways and spending a full week in this quite and far away place was more than worth all the effort.

“We rigged three massive Highlines and on top of that a beautiful rope jump and enjoyed our time there to the maximum.” Earlier this year Luka and Samuel Volery broke the the world record for walking the longest tightrope – at a staggering 270m. They managed the death-defying walk – which exceeded the previous world record for the long polyamide line walk by 30m – across Mount Pilatus, Switzerland, an incredible 2000m above sea level.