“Online Pastor” Reveals Why Man Should Be On Top Of The Woman When Having Sex. Pics

A self acclaimed online pastor and media personality, Siboniso Trustees Matitsa, has been trending for days now after sharing his opinion on different sex styles. According to him, those who practice other styles other than the popular missionary style are going to hell and that men should always be on top when having sex because they are the head of the home. Read what he shared below;

The Bible says, husbands must love their wives as Christ has loved the Church. Listen, if you doing those pornographic sex positions on your wife, you don’t love her. You treating her like a mere sexual object. You are not having sex, but masturbating.

Why are you copying the devil? Christ loves the Church so much that He died for her. Did Christ ever copy anything from the devil? Why are you copying demon inspired sex positions and doing them on your wife?

There is one exceptable sex position, missionary style. Remember, the man is the head, and therefore he should lead in bed not the other way around. That is why, he must be on top and the woman under. Anything either than that is from the devil.

The Messiah is coming soon and hell is real, that is why i am warning you about basically everything that will disqualify you from making it to Heaven.

You can go ahead and label this post as ridiculous but those with spiritual discernment, know what i am talking about. Please don’t go to hell. Repent or Perish!