Pregnant Woman Shot To Death While Dancing At A Wedding In India. Photos

A pregnant woman was shot dead while on stage when she refused to dance with a drunken guest during a wedding in India. Kulvinder Kaur, 25, was shot with a 12-bore double barrel shotgun as she was performing with her dance troupe at the wedding in the Punjab.

Kulvinder, who was two months pregnant, was shot in the head on Saturday night and died in hospital in the town of Bathinda in the south of Punjab. Her husband, Rajinder Singh, said she worked as a dancer and choreographer, performing mainly at weddings. Mr Singh claimed the killer, who was a friend of the groom, had got drunk at the party and got angry when he and his friends were told they were not allowed on stage to dance with Kulvinder and her troupe. But the Times of India suggested the killing in the suburb of Maur Mandi may have been an accident, due to celebratory firing. Kulvinder’s family said the groom was the son of an important local politician and they claimed the police only reluctantly began an investigation after they protested in the streets.