Pretty Fiancee Of Brazilian Player Who Survived Colombia Plane Crash Speaks. Photos

A former Brazilian beauty queen screamed and willed her fiancé to live after she discovered he had been pulled alive from the wreckage of the LAMIA airlines jet which struck a Colombian mountain on Monday.

Marina Storchi, 24, told MailOnline that Alan Ruschel has been transferred to the Somer Clinic, one of the best hospitals in Rionegra, Colombia, and is making steady progress. The former beauty queen who flew with her father-in-law, Flavio Ruschel, to her partner’s side on Thursday spoke from the hospital. She said:

‘He only communicates with gestures at the moment. He is able to move his legs when I talk to him, which the doctor’s say is an absolutely huge improvement. The wonderful medical staff also said he is out a danger. I am ecstatic that he has come so far so quickly.

‘When I first arrived, he was unconscious for most of the time. But now he is beginning to stay awake a little longer. He can’t talk just yet because he has a lot of tubes inserted which are helping him breath as he is on a ventilation machine, but he has opened his eyes and even managed to give me a smile.’

Marina, who was planning to book the date of their wedding last Tuesday, said Alan has been responding with winks and is able to move his arms and legs. The player was the first survivor to be pulled from the wreckage and suffered multiple fractures and a spinal injury. According to rescuers the defensive midfielder screamed for his friends as he was being stretchered away from the disaster site. As he was being wheeled into surgery for a life-saving operation on his spine, the 27-year-old begged doctors to take off his engagement ring and keep it safe until he came out. Marina said the ring is still not back on her husband-to-be’s finger but she has it and she can’t wait to ‘return it to its rightful place’. She said:

‘Alan is everything to me. He is the love of my life. On the day of the accident he was meant to call me at 1am to say he had arrived and to talk about our wedding arrangements.

‘When he didn’t call I simply thought the flight was late, so I sent a message and asked him to ring when he arrived. I went back to sleep, but then something woke me up suddenly at 3am and I felt the need to turn the TV on. That’s when I found out about the disaster that has destroyed so many lives.’