Russian Diplomat 'Beats Rapper Into A Coma' For Wearing A Controversial Outfit. Pics

A Russian diplomat has been accused of beating up a Mongolian rapper and leaving him in a coma after he wore a outfit with a swastika on stage. Amarmandakh Sukhbaatar, who is known as Amraa and is the lead singer of band Khar Sarnia (Black Rose) was attacked at a concert in Ulanbator, the Mongolian capital, his lawyer and police claim.

At the event, Amraa wore a red deel, a Mongolian robe, embroided with a swastika, which is a traditional symbol in the country. His lawyer and father told reporters that after the performance, the rapper was savagely assaulted by the Russian. The broken cross symbol is generally believed to have its origins in India thousands of years ago and its use has been recorded centuries ago in Mongolia, long before it was appropriated by Adolf Hitler. The singer – who speaks Russian and was a guest performer on Mongolia’s Got Talent last year – was in a coma for around 10 days after the assault, said his father Sevjidiin Sukhbaatar. In a statement posted on its website, the Russian embassy said it was investigating press and social media reports of the beating.

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