See The Moment Two Girls “Possessed With Evil Spirit” Underwent Deliverance.Photos

This is the moment a prophet ‘exorcises demons’ from two teenage sisters who write and spasm as the evil spirits are apparently released. Footage captured in Ndikwe village in Murang’a County, central Kenya, shows highlights of an exorcist’s six-hour ritual.

The girls had reportedly been afflicted by a variety of symptoms over the past three months including loss of speech, attributed to the presence of demons inside them. One girl is shown screaming as villagers hold her down and another scene shows a girl swinging from a roof. The second sister is seen with a cloth wrapped across her eyes, writhing across the floor. Part of the process of removing the demons apparently involved squirting a fluid into one of the girls’ mouths, as seen in the video. After the operation was deemed a success, a local chief told a television reporter that he was pleased with the prophet who carried out the exorcism. He told the assembled crowd: ‘Remain faithful to God, as I have never experienced such a thing before.’