See The Statue In A Paris Cemetery Which Women Rub Its P*nis For Good Luck. PICS

The statue of a prominent 19th century French journalist is losing its bronze colour in some areas after scores women rub its crotch and kiss its lips for good luck. The statue of Victor Noir, famous for a protuberance in its trousers, has been touched by thousands of women since being placed in the Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris in 1981.

In a bizarre ritual women kiss the lips, rub the crotch and place a flower in the hand of the statue believing it will improve their relationships and boost fertility. The well-endowed memorial was sculpted by French artist Jules Dalou and put in the French capital’s largest ceremony. A fence was built around the statue in 2004 after authorities grew concerned that it was losing its finesse. Noir, whose real name was Yvan Salman, was killed by Pierre Bonaparte, a great-nephew of the Emperor Napoleon, in 1870 after being challenged to a duel. The journalist became a symbol of imperial injustice and a martyr for the Republic.