See What A Danfo Driver Was Spotted Doing In The Presence Of Passengers..

A commercial driver shocked passengers after bringing out his p*nis and started robbing it while people were aboard his bus. This story was shared by a female eyewitness. She wrote:

“So today I boarded a bus from Ojota going to Oshodi – Maryland. The bus took quite sometime to get filled up with people. .

I sat in the front so I was beginning to get uncomfortable waiting for the bus to get filled up then I told the driver I want to get down. He begged me not to, so I sat down.

Few minutes later, he started scratching his groin then before I knew anything, he just brought it out in the open and started rubbing it (Buh he wasn’t masturbating).

You needed to have seen the expression on my face at first I was scared, I just brought my earpiece out and started listening to music on my phone he kept on looking at me the session lasted for about 20min. I just sha managed to take a picture of it.”