Shocking Moment Prostitutes Kick And Wrestle Each Other In Public. Photos

This is the shocking moment half-naked hookers punched and kicked each other in a savage turf war on the Las Vegas strip. Two women were seen wrestling each other to the ground before one straddled the other – revealing both of their underwear.

The fight escalated after the woman were heard screaming about the best places to pick up customers. “I’m not going to some mother f***ing alley,” one of the woman yelled. The other hooker then shouted: “The strip is mine, this is my side.” Mobile footage captured by an onlooker shows how one of the prostitutes slapped the other in the face. The other hooker then kicked her in the crotch and pulled her down to the ground by her hair. They were then filmed wrestling in the middle of the road as drivers in waiting cars beeped their horns in frustration. During the struggle, the women’s dresses rode up to reveal their underwear.