“All My Husband's Enemies Pretending As Friends, God Will Expose Them”– Fayose's Wife Spits Fire..

The Wife of Ekiti State governor, Mrs. Feyisetan Fayose Tuesday asked God to expose all her husband’s enemy, saying all wolves in Sheep’s clothing, close to her husband’s government, will meet their waterloo this year.
Mrs. Fayose who made statement during this year’s edition of inter-religious” Thanksgiving service organized by the state government, said that it was high time for all enemies of Fayose, very close to him, but pretending as friends, to be exposed in shame.

“Every enemy pretending as friends, close to the government of Ayo Fayose and working against the government , the Lord will expose them with shame this year. Enough is enough”..  She urged Ekiti people to dismiss any negative predictions against the state and its government, adding that God has assured her not to entertain any fear for her husband’s government in 2017..

In her words, “Don’t listen to whatever prophecies you are hearing from anyone. Anybody can say whatever they feel, but God has given all the power to turn every negative utterances to your favour. Conf0ss positive things about Ekiti and it shall be so, no matter what any one says. “God has assured me through Isaiah 41:13, saying ‘Fear not’, there are 365 ‘fear nots’ in the Bible, one for each day in a year. God continued saying: for I the lord thy God will hold thy right hand , saying unto thee, fear not I’ll help thee” 

The Lord said He will help us and we should fear not. I pray the Lord will give us the grace and enablement to hold these words and confess them daily.”

Mrs Fayose, also gave testimony about the challenges her husband face in 2016: according to her, “My testimony is unending because God has been good to me gracious and wonderful to my family. I will lose count in tabulating them; in all families he favoured my family, favoured my husband and me among all men and women.

 It is not to say we are the most perfect or wonderful it is just because He has chosen to love us. “2015, Dec, lord said that we will have series of victories in 2016, when you are expecting victories prepare for battle. ” In spite of all challenges I held on to His word that I will have series of victory and I continued to ask for God’s Grace.

 If It had not been for the Lord, we would have lost out: it is not because Fayose is a superman. It is just God’s grace. Whoever is not happy with this government, you are contending with God not us. I sincerely congratulate all who stood by us in this government so far. ”