Bridesmaid Invites Wedding Guests To Stuff Cash Gifts In Her Bra. Photos

A Chinese woman has been caught on camera inviting male guests to stuff cash gifts into her bra at a wedding. The young woman, believed to be the bridesmaid, kept lowering her body in front of a group of jeering men showing them her cleavage, as the video shows.
Several male guests were excited to put red envelopes containing money inside her bra while groping her breasts in public. The beginning of the 17-second clip shows the young woman were surrounded by several male guests at a Chinese wedding banquet. She wore a pink bridesmaid dress with red paper brooch on her chests. The bridesmaid kept pointing at her breasts while lowering her upper body towards the guests. This quickly drew the attention of several generous guests, who took out their red envelops and stuck them under the woman’s clothing. The guests were excited to fill the bridemaid’s bra with red packets. At one point, two men were spotting putting their hands on the woman’s breasts at the same time.Unsurprisingly, many guests took advantage of the woman.