Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Chinese Doctors Use Phone Light To Help Woman Deliver Baby In A Car. Photos

This is the moment quick-thinking Chinese doctors used a phone light to help deliver a baby in a car after the mother went into labour outside the hospital. The woman was not able to make it into the hospital when she went into labour on January 8 in Zhongshan City. The mother is making a swift recovery in hospital with her new baby.
The woman had reached outside the hospital however the baby would not wait.

According to reports, by the time medical staff reached the car, the baby was halfway out.

He Fenjun, chief physician told reporters that someone told him about the woman outside and he hurried to the vehicle.

He said that the baby's head had come out and its chest was exposed.
Using mobile phones for light, the doctor was able to cut the umbilical cord and wrap the baby in blankets.

The baby was born at 2.25am and was transferred to the pediatric department for further treatment while the mother was taken to the maternity ward for examination.

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