Chinese Official Accidentally Plays P*rn On Public Screen During Billboard Testing. Photos

Residents in a Chinese city were shocked yesterday when they saw p*rn being broadcast on a public screen for more than five minutes. The video was played after a screen tester connected a personal computer to the device then went away, leaving the computer on autoplay, according to People’s Daily.

The incident took place on a busy street in Ningbo, a major city of nearly eight million people in eastern China’s Zhejiang Province. The explicit content was shown on a big screen outside a shopping mall called NingboTianlun Square at around 10am on December 28, according to the report. Local police said the clip had been saved in the personal computer of a property management worker who was testing the screen at the time. The worker then went away leaving his computer unattended, which led the big screen to broadcast the porn. A muzzed video posted on Chinese social media has captured the embarrassing incident. Pedestrians, security guards and the staff of the nearby shops were shocked to watch the video being played.