Commotion As Commissioner's 5-year-old Son Almost Suffocates In A Car. Photos

The Commissioner for Commerce and Industry , Mr. Peter Egba, almost lost his 5 years old son, as men of the Federal Road Safety Commission held his driver to provide documents and driver’s license.
A source revealed that the Commissioner was on his way travelling out of Calabar to settle a communal dispute between two communities in Obubra, when his driver, who went to get his son from school, called and told him that men of the Federal Road Safety Commission impounded his car and seized the particulars. He drove to the scene and first asked of his son, Dominion Egba, who, all the while, has been forgotten in the Car. The Child, afraid of what was going on outside, remained inside the car amidst heightened intensity of a scorching sun and almost suffocated. The Commissioner, who before coming had requested to speak with the Road Safety officer through his driver and was turned down, pull out the child and approached the officer to plead for them to release the car for the sake of the little boy, but was verbally insulted. The driver in trying to stop the officer from insulting the boss, resulted in a fight between the driver and the Road Safety officer. The story making rounds on Social Media that the Commissioner for Commerce fought was not true and from the pictures below, he is seen trying stall the fight between his driver and the FRSC officer just as other FRSC officers are also seen doing in the picture. It is a common thing in our African Culture mostly in Cross River State, that we hardly can deny separating two fighters. As a commmissioner in such a situation doing what is right should not be misinterpreted to mean fighting just to score a point of “pull them down syndrome”. Mr. Peter Egba by nature and history is a calm headed man. All who did the fake report never thought it wise to hear from him. This proves true that the reports are in bad faith and negatively motivated. At this point of hard economic times, all we need is team work and corporation not pull them down as the case with some group of persons.

Credit; Inok Solomon, Special Assistant to Cross River state Government