Monday, January 09, 2017

Doctors Shocked As Miniature Brain Is Found Inside The Ovary Of Teenage Girl....

A sixteen-year-old girl went into surgery to have her appendix removed - only to find a miniature brain growing inside a tumor on her ovary. The child from Japan - who has not been identified - left doctors baffled when they found the 10cm-wide tumor, containing a 3cm-wide brain, and clumps of greasy matter hair, all covered by a thin plate of skull bone.
Upon closer inspection, it was found to be a smaller version of a cerebellum – which usually sits underneath the brain's two hemispheres.

A mass on one side resembled a brain stem – the structure that normally joins to the spinal cord.

The extraordinary case was revealed last week in a study released by Nara Medical University in Japan.

The tumor was removed three months later and she is recovering well.

It was unclear as to when the discovery and removal took place.

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