How Nigerian Soldiers At The Battlefield Communicate With Their Commanders. Photos

It has been revealed how gallant officers at the battlefield communicate with their commanders and the importance of upgrading the NA communication equipment. Read below as shared by Usman Chindo.

I can tell you that i was in the North East when things were really hot and I can see the difference between the past and present. Unfortunately on this forum we have people blinded by their self hatred for anything after 2015 has been improved.

On my list I talked about Communications, From 2012- 2014, Soldiers would text their commanders on WhatsApp and Commanders walked around with packets of recharge cards in trenches distributing. During the failed attempt to retake Gwoza immediately after it fell to BHT, were we gifted BHT with 2 T-55MBT around Limankara village, were blamed on lack of effective communications support.

Today 2016, i can see the NA 56 Signals with advanced Command Radio Link Shelters (RLS) and the Staff Shelters (SS) dominating the electromagnetic spectrum in their specified AOR or theatre by locating enemy’s position, monitor their communications.

Today in 2016 as shown the Army has Drones upon drones that guide their artillery and yet people will deny that anything has changed. Today, Nigeria army using High Power Wireless Anti-explosion Jammer as showed in Pix 3.

Tons of Video are available on YouTube showing we have dozens of Vickers Tanks repaired, T72 Tanks repaired, A-Jets upgraded and armed and the Logistics line that was non existent in 2014. I know it will not be enough for those who will continue to deny

But then, more needs to be done on this. For the Nigerian Armed Forces to be modernized their comms equipment needs to be top grade. By now i expect all arms of the service to be able to communicate to their various commands in their own dedicated encrypted lines, not relying on GSM coys.