Husband Sets Ex-Wife's Hair On Fire Just Moments After Signing Divorce Papers. Photos

A disgruntled husband set his ex wife’s hair on fire just moments after signing divorce papers. Harrowing CCTV shows the screaming woman burst into a lobby and try to rip off her clothes as she desperately tries to douse the flames. Office workers then race to her rescue with a fire extinguisher, as the suspect saunters away as if nothing has happened.
She was rushed to hospital and treated for her burns, but it is not believed she has suffered any life-changing injuries. Police were later called to the government office, but they were unable to find the suspect. It is unclear how the man started the blaze at the marriage registration office in China’s north-eastern Panshi City. According to witnesses, the couple had only just signed their divorce papers when the apparently furious husband set his former spouse’s hair ablaze.