“I Have Severally Caught My Wife With Other Men” — Lagos Businessman Tells Court…

A businessman has approached an Agege Customary Court in Lagos State, asking for the dissolution of his marriage over allegations of infidelity and disrespectfullness. The estranged husband, Adedamola Oyebola, told the court that his wife, Sarah was promiscuous and disrespectful.

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“I have on several occasions caught my wife with other men. She would leave the house on the pretext that she was going to church but would make a detour to her lover’s house.“ Her salesgirls would cover up for her and tell me that she went to Lagos Island to buy goods, while she sleeps with her lovers in nearby hotels.

“I reported her several times to her parents even to the extent that they called a family meeting and she promised to change, instead she got worse. My wife cannot deny that she doesn’t have lovers. A look into her WhatsApp messages last month further confirmed her amorous affairs.

“ I am tired of the marriage and I want custody of our two young children. Even as I speak, she abandoned the children with her mother and left for Ilorin, Kwara State, where she claimed she wanted to attend the burial of her friend’s father. I called the so-called friend who denied she lost her father. She even cursed my wife for wishing her evil,” he said.

The wife was, however, not present in court. President of the court, Chief R.A Williams adjourned the matter till January 16 for report of service on the respondent.