Model Burns Her Own Breast With A Lighter In Extreme 'Free The Nipple' Protest. Photos

A model torched her own breast with a cigarette lighter to find away around Instagram’s strict nudity ban. ‘Free the Nipple’ campaigner Imogen Anthony held a naked flame to her boob in a (literally) incendiary protest against censorship and sexual inequality.
The photo sharing site’s guidelines prohibit snaps of women’s nipples , which it classes as “graphic content” – but not those of men. Most US states also class exposure of the female areola as the criminal offence of indecent exposure. Australian model Anthony has previously backed Free the Nipple, a global campaign launched in 2012 calling for female nudity to be treated the same way as male. The model posted the latest picture, which appears to show her painfully holding a flickering flame to her nipple, on Instagram late last night.