Photo Of Twin Brothers Who Were Among The 39 Killed In Istanbul Attack…

Ahmed and Mohammed Al-Fadl were born together and they died together. The Fadl twins were killed in the ISIS attack that hit Reina restaurant and club in Istanbul on New Year’s Eve. Just as no one knew who of the twins was born first, nobody will ever know who died first.
These are the words of their elder brother Amr. “I paid my respects and I have said my goodbye to them. We accept their fate and we will endure,” he told Al-Arabiya as he waited to receive the bodies of the twins at King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Jeddah on Tuesday. Amr said that his two brothers lived together. They studied together, majoring in marketing. They never lived a day apart — they even went to bed at the same time. They shared a car — one driving while the other rode as the passenger. Amr shared details of their final farewell and said he had dropped them at King Abdulaziz Airport in what would be their last journey. “We kept in touch and one hour before the incident they wished everyone a happy new year.” “I was watching TV that night and one of the channels reported the incident, so I started to feel anxious. I contacted them, but they did not respond. I got anxious and tried calling them again and again but to no avail. I finally called their driver who told me that an incident had taken place and that security forces are encircling the perimeter,” Amr recalled. “I kept corresponding with the driver after I learned that my brothers were at the same location. The driver told me that he went to run an errand in a pharmacy nearby, and when he came out the attack happened and could not return. He did not know the fate of my two brothers,” he said. At 6 a.m. on January 1, Amr was told by the driver that his twin brothers were dead.

The consulate contacted the Fadl family to arrange the repatriation of the brothers and their funeral and prayers. They were buried in Hawwa cemetery in Jeddah.