See Incredible New Photos Of The Former World's Fattest Woman.

The world’s former fattest woman has revealed how she’s looking for a love match after losing a staggering 570lbs in weight. Now a regular at her local gym in Texas, Catrina Raiford, 40, originally from Florida, has joined dating app Tinder in a bid to find romance.
It’s a world away from where she was in 2002, when she hit the headlines after the side of her home had to be bulldozed away because her 1,000lb frame had left her bed bound. Too large to move, she dubbed herself ‘the half-tonne woman’ and vowed to slim down. Her dating history had previously involved using photos of slimmer women to trick men into chatting to her over the internet. Now, however, after shedding 576lb, she is a shadow of her former self – and is dating people in the flesh. At one point Catrina, now 40, was completely immobile and bed-bound. Now, more than a year after first sharing her story, Catrina, who has since moved to Texas, has slimmed down even further to 392lb. Delighted by her progress, she plans to lose even more weight, as she is eager to have 140lb of sagging skin cut off. She also wants her breasts reshaping – something surgeons will only do after her excess flab is removed.