See The Moment A US Consular Was Almost Assassinated By Gunman In Public. Photos

This is the extraordinary moment an attempted consular assassination in broad daylight was captured on camera . Footage shows the gunman standing on the corner of a shopping area pacing around until a car pulls up to a barrier and he takes out a gun.He opens fire at the vehicle before immediately fleeing the scene up the street.
The US consular official, later identified by a Mexican security official speaking on condition of anonymity as Christopher Ashcraft, was shot by a gunman on Friday as he was leaving a city parking lot. A suspect in the shooting was arrested earlier today, the state prosecutor’s office said. The Jalisco state prosecutor said on Twitter special agents made the arrest, but did not provide further details including the name of the suspect or any motive. Ashcraft was in stable condition at a local hospital following the shooting, with a source telling Reuters he had been shot in the chest.