Teacher 'Had Sex With Her Student Multiple Times Then He Blackmailed Her. Pictured

A teacher accused of romping with a 14-year-old student was ‘used as a piggy bank’ by the boy, who allegedly blackmailed her out of thousands of pounds to keep quiet about their affair. Sandy Doan was suspended and arrested amid claims she had sex with the teenager in a park in the summer of 2015.
But cops say the 14-year-old extorted £22,400 from Doan after threatening to blab about their romps – blowing the cash on drugs and booze. Doan, 30, was arrested after the student’s mum found a topless selfie the brunette sent her son, said officers. Police files said: “She confirmed that the student received an image of her exposing her breasts and they had engaged in explicit text messages.” Doan is said to have told officers they communicated over Instagram, text and messaging app Kik before having sex at a park in the summer of 2015. They were intimate again between November and December the same year, according to court papers. But in January 2016, a stranger contacted her and threatened to tell police about the relationship unless she gave him money, she reportedly told police. Calls continued from different numbers about various drop-off places for payment. Doan apparently had sex again with the pupil last month. The boy’s mum shopped Doan to her principal at Raul Quintanilla Sr. Middle School, Dallas, Texas, after finding the inappropriate texts on her son’s phone. As well as the messages, she discovered he had a lot of cash all of a sudden and assumed he was selling drugs. Police said Doan paid him about £22,400 and the boy’s mum told school bosses she wanted the payments to end. Doan, who is also a cross country coach, is out on bail charged with sexual assault.

Local sources suggested the student is unlikely to face charges.