Woman On Her Way To Friend's Wedding Crushed To Death By Lorry. Photos

A woman on her way to a friend’s wedding was crushed to death by an overturning lorry. The chilling incident happened on Monday morning on the streets of Neijiang City, in south-western China’s Sichuan Province, when the driver of the lorry carrying bricks lost control of his vehicle.
Dashcam footage from the scene, which is reportedly near a local fruit and vegetable market, shows the woman and one of her friends about to walk into an alley. The lorry can be seen approaching at speed and the driver seems to notice the car in front him too late. The man behind the wheel brakes and violently swerves his vehicle to the left in an attempt to avoid a collision, but the force of the turn causes the lorry to hit the victim from behind as it falls onto its side. Incredibly, the victim’s friend is said to have managed to jump out the way, having failed to pull the crushed woman to safety just a split second before. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics and arriving police officers have detained the unharmed lorry driver on manslaughter charges. Reports said the unnamed victim was on her way to a wedding but gave no further details.