World’s Most Identical Twins Who Share A Boyfriend Now Both Want To Mary Him. Photos

The World’s most identical twins who share a boyfriend now both want to marry him. Anna and Lucy DeCinque, from Perth, Australia, have been open about a unusual part of their life – the boyfriend they share, who’s called Ben. They met him on Facebook five years ago and it seems things are getting serious, because in their latest video the pair have announced plans to marry him. Yes, both of them.

“We’ve been with him for five years so he’s twinning and winning… We do want to marry the same man and his name is Ben,” the self-styled ‘world’s most identical twins’ explained. “And now we’ve been thinking, how is that going to work? Many debate is it possible? Can it really work? I don’t really know.” This isn’t just some idle daydream though, it seems the sisters have done a bit of research to see if they can make their unconventional set-up permanent. “We’ve actually heard in Tucson [America] you can get married,” they said. They aren’t totally sure though, so asked for viewers to let them know if there is a place where two women can marry the same guy so they can “make that happen”. “He needs to get double of everything, like two rings,” they explained. “And what wedding dress? Like a strapless, white?” The pair do realise their dream of marrying Ben might be difficult to make a reality, so they’re also considering a commitment ceremony. They realise their lifestyle won’t be for everyone, but they don’t let haters get them down because they see nothing weird about the way they live. “Maybe they’ll change the law for us! Maybe we’ll be the first ones to marry [the same] guy in Australia,” they laughed. Anna and Lucy haven’t been shy about discussing their romance with Ben, previously revealing they share a bed with him and take it in turns to sleep with him.