Indian Man Kills 7-Year-Old Boy, Cuts Him In To Pieces Before Eating Him. Graphic Photos

A horrified mother found her cannibal son eating a seven-year-old boy he had murdered and beheaded in India. Nazim Miyan’s mother is said to have found him next to the child’s corpse in an abandoned house in Amariya in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.The young victim’s neck, arms and legs had been cut in to several pieces after being lured away from his friends, it has been reported.
A stunned police officer who went to the gruesome scene said: ‘The body was lying on the floor with the decapitated head beside it. ‘The skin on the abdomen was missing and internal body parts and bloodstains were scattered across the room.’ Miyan was sitting near the corpse and surrendered to police without any resistance, he added. But he had been beaten up by locals before he could be taken away. Police recovered a knife and a shovel from the grisly scene in Pilibhit. Hundreds gathered outside a police station and demanded Miyan, in his mid-20, should be be killed. He has been charged with murder and abduction.